The words "Creative Facilitating"
indicate the special care that goes into unique designs to meet your needs.  No formulas allowed.  Resourcefulness is the
facilitator's task.  The unique qualities of your group are respected, as the strengths of the group are leveraged and individuals learn
to stretch to their best..  People and ideas thrive in a supportive atmosphere.  Innovation emerges.

We find renewal and inspiration in nature and bring that continuing connection to all our work.
  • Teambuilding workshops

  • Workshops developing specific skills and abilities

  • Facilitating group conversations for changed outcomes

  • Coaching leadership teams

  • Coaching current and rising leaders

We guide the discovery of strengths and growth in effectiveness and innovation for individuals and groups.  The
client organization acquires the capacity to continue to improve and prepare for its tomorrows, becoming agile.

We facilitate meetings, workshops, retreats and long-term process improvements.   We coach individuals and
teams. We support you through major change.

We bring a special talent for listening, for understanding a group, for supporting and challenging what we hear, and
for helping the individuals and the group connect to the best they have to offer.
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What We Do:
a Leadership Coaching and
Organization Development Practice
"Through her conversations and sensitive attitude,
Kate was able to have staff feel relaxed and heard and
was able to help the group be productive and
respectful of each other."
Health sector client

"Excellent coach"
Federal Government client
Our Reflections:

This blog title relies on a notion
from Mahatma Gandhi,  "You
must be the change you want to
see in the world"
  • Guide you as you discover the areas you want to focus on to make your
    people and your organization stronger and more capable of handling the
    emerging future.

  • Help staff and leaders make deep connections, becoming even more
    capable in dealing with each other, their stakeholders and the larger  

  • Coach leaders and rising leaders to meeting their  goals of greater
    competence in creating vision, inspiring others to follow it, finding their
    own capacity for problem solving and decision making, dealing more
    effectively with conflict and creating a conflict competent  organization,
    mapping out the future,and taking action with courage.

  • Create and embrace a path toward sustainable change.

  • Stand-alone workshops are a targeted alternative to a lengthy
    engagement..Retreats created just for you are very powerful.
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How We Do It:

We partner with you to meet your needs through:
  • Facilitating organization visioning and action

  • Designing and facilitating organization
    interventions for change

  • Speaking at your events

  • Bundled services that address opportunities and
    issues in your organization
Workshop March 13!
see description at bottom of page
Workshop March 13, 2015  :   AGILITY IN THE VIRTUAL WORKPLACE

From teleworking once a week to international companies, more and more people are working
with and for people they have rarely seen in person. Virtual teams can miss the connectivity
that makes the work products more innovative. In this workshop we will explore keys to success
that are emerging in this environment.  
Sponsored by The EDGE of George Mason University.

Details:  George Mason University - Arlington Campus, Founders Hall Multipurpose Rooms
125/126, 3351 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22201.  Friday, March 13, 2015 from 8:30 AM to
4:00 PM.  More details on Eventbrite registration page.
 or see flyer