The words "Creative Facilitating"
indicate the special care that goes into unique designs to meet your needs.  
No formulas allowed.  Resourcefulness is the facilitator's task.  The unique
qualities of your group are respected, as the strengths of the group are
leveraged and individuals learn to stretch to their best..  People and ideas
thrive in a supportive atmosphere.  Innovation emerges.

We find renewal and inspiration in nature and bring that
continuing connection to all our work.
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beauty of Oahu bay
"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread...
where nature may heal and give strength to
body and soul."
- John Muir
In Creative Facilitating and Coaching we provide development and coaching to public,
private and nonprofit clients.  We support the journey from discovery to thriving, which
includes: new awareness, new possibilities, the creation of new choices, and the courageous
work of taking action toward desired results.   We see our clients as whole people, whether the
challenges they address are in the workplace, in the community or in the family.

Leadership Development
We develop leaders at all levels.  Focus on aligning to organization vision and internal values
for a robust and agile organization.  Development takes the forms of workshops, facilitated
intensive discussions, individual executive coaching, and coaching of leadership teams, which
are designed to enhance core leadership competencies.

Staff Development
We provide training workshops for a wide range of skills for effectiveness in the workplace.  
Focus is on communication, team dynamics, managing priorities and pressure, managing
resources, customer relationships, and well being for a healthy workplace.

Organization Development
We support emerging needs with a shared focus on Work, People, Organizational Structure,
Organizational Culture and Physical layout.  We support developing the vision of the desired
change, mapping the change processes and counseling and accountability through and
beyond the change process, building to a robust and agile organization.  By careful attention
to all these elements and tutoring people along the way we build capacity into the organization
for its continual learning and adaptability within a volatile, uncertain, and  ever changing

Executive Coaching
We support the reflective inquiry of leaders desiring to increase their personal and
professional effectiveness  in managing thorny performance issues and organizational
challenges.  We work within established frameworks of core leadership competencies
to enhance both management expertise and emotional intelligence.  We work through
defined session packages so that coach and client recognize an arc of progress
toward client goals over the pre-defined period.  Always confidential, our deep listening
and careful questioning in client sessions support them in real breakthroughs.
Being the Future blog

This blog title relies on a notion from Mahatma Gandhi,  
"You must be the change you want to see in the world."

Meet the principal:
Kahleen (Kate) Trygstad

Learn about Kate and her work on YouTube:
Kate Trygstad Introduction
Interview on webtalk radio:
the show is title Shooting Arrows at Sagittarius .
Kate Trygstad's work is featured in the interview.

We work with you to meet your needs through:
  • Teambuilding workshops
  • Workshops developing specific skills and abilities
  • Facilitating group conversations for changed outcomes
  • Coaching leadership teams
  • Coaching current and rising leaders
  • Facilitating organization visioning and action retreats
  • Designing and facilitating organization interventions for change
  • Speaking at your events
  • Bundled services that address opportunities and issues in your organization

We guide the discovery of strengths and growth in effectiveness and innovation for
individuals and groups.  The client organization acquires the capacity to continue to
improve and prepare for its tomorrows, becoming agile.

We facilitate meetings, workshops, retreats and long-term process
improvements.   We coach individuals and teams. We support you through
major change.

We bring a special talent for listening, for understanding a group, for supporting and
challenging what we hear, and for helping the individuals and the group connect to the
best they have to offer.
a Leadership Coaching and Organization Development Practice