CF&C offers Community Connecting in Facilitating Group Dynamics  

Our approach to Dialogue is TIMED
The acronym acknowledges that time needs to be invested in the process and that we strive to find an
honest rhythm in the process.
T is Truth.  We seek our own truth by understanding our emotion and experience.
I is Intention.  Clarifying our intention for the conversation keeps us focused and informs our approach.
M is Monitor the dialogue.  Specific skills and practices support this work.
E is Explore mutual meaning as both parties speak and listen and test where they are arriving
D is Decide together what happens next.

Our work supports and even challenges people to connect ideas, to connect to the world around them, to
connect to other people, to connect to themselves and to connect to their strengths.  These connections
invariably create community and make many other things possible as people become greater together than
the sum of their individual assets.

Meetings and Focus Groups
Use Vision ALIVE to give focus to the Initiation and Vitalizing stages of our approach:
  • Benefit from a design that is custom built to the desired result
  • Bring all voices into the conversation
  • Discover the creativity in the group and apply it to your challenges
  • We apply Organization Development principles to all our work, bringing out the best in people and attaining
    lasting results
We facilitate meetings, workshops and retreats, setting a safe context for connections and emergence.

Promote a Connected and High Performing Organization
Use Team ALIVE to give focus to Learning from observation, individual reflection and group reflection:

Whether trying to get past a road block or wanting an organizational health check up, teams can learn to
  • Listen actively to each other
  • Give appreciative feedback
  • Appreciate different points of view
  • Build consensus
  • Discover the community that they are
  • Generate new ideas.
It is in the crucial conversations that organizations achieve breakthroughs.  

You may choose to use an inventory to begin the conversation of dynamics in the group.  Either the
AMSP Apter
Motivational Style Profile
(exploring reversal theory and the choices available to us) or the MBTI Myers-Briggs Type
might be useful to support this work.  Many groups benefit from open discussion of the emotional intelligence
elements and how the elements are in play in their organization.  The EQ-I Emotional Intelligence Quotient can serve
as a springboard for group discussion and individual development.

Leaders can reinforce a thriving organizational climate by:
  • Creating a safe space for open communication and for experimentation
  • Encouraging leadership in everyone
  • Offering positive reinforcement
  • Helping staff build on strengths
  • Keeping the group open to each other and to new ideas
  • Supporting the sharing of knowledge
  • Letting individual energies be spent in increasing the effectiveness of the group.

You may choose to employ the ALPS Apter Leadership Profile System that provides insight into organizational climate
with 180 degree input.  You may choose the Campbell Leadership Index, CL-I, with 360 degree input into leadership
parameters.  We offer 360 assessments from The Center for Creative Leadership.  And some find the emotional
inteligence EQ-i 2.0 useful.  And some the MBTI.  We can discuss if an assessment tool will add to your insights.

Other assessment tools are available.
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      Do something
Learn     From what you have done  
Initiate  Create a possibility for change
Vitalize  Give life to your creation
Engage  With people and the system in going forward
amazing trees in Oahu rain forest
"The joy of looking and
comprehending is nature's most
beautiful gift."
-Albert Einstein
table from large group retreat in New Orleans
“Kate did an exceptional job designing the
day’s activities that elicited valuable
feedback from our advisory group
members.  This will assist us in strategic
Mary Brasler, Asthma and Allergy
     Foundation of America