Workshops use our experiential approach

Assessment-Based Workshop
We will customize a workshop for your group based on an assessment inventory:
MBTI  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence assessment and development tool
AMSP Apter Motivational Style Profile based on Reversal Theory
Kolb Learning Styles
Conflict Style Matters,
the Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory that explores response in times of calm and times of storm
CL-I, Campbell Leadership Index, a 360 degree assessment

DISCOVERING YOUR STRENGTHS  to Uncover Group Potential

Appreciate individual strengths to make greater contributions that are also more satisfying.  Presented in two formats, depending on the
nature of the audience.

Audience:  Tailored to an intact group.   
our group is stronger than it realizes.  By learning together where your strengths lie you become better able to access them when you
need to.  A work group has a potent experience in coming together, hearing their meaningful experiences, and deciding together where
their strengths and values lie.  Using the proven Appreciative Inquiry technique yours can become a more powerful organization.  
Just one day sets you on that pa

Audience: For any collection of professionals.  
A shorter version of this workshop can be provided to a group of unrelated professionals.  This is an eye-opening session and leaves
people energized and enlightened for return to their own work.


From teleworking once a week to international companies, more and more people are working with and for people they have rarely seen
in person. Virtual teams can miss the connectivity that makes the work products more innovative. .Agile workplaces have liberating support
structures,informed and decisive leadership, creative followers, and a great deal of quality communication.  In this workshop we will
explore keys to success that are emerging in the environment of rapid change and virtual work.


Some conversations seem much more challenging to face than others-- when they are really important,  when there is a pronounced
difference of opinion, and/or when there is high emotion attached to them.   In this experiential workshop we explore and learn the
elements of a constructive conversation.  Participants will leave with models they can apply to daily situations and with assurance they can
use them after having discussed, reflected and practiced throughout the workshop.  This workshop is based on the Creative Facilitating
and Coaching's original  structure for creating dialogue:   
Dialogue When It Counts is highly experiential, using activities, reflections, pair
coaching and small group role plays/ discussions.


This workshop prepares people to deal constructively with conflict in a variety of situations, applying curiosity and choice to get to
collaboration.  People come to appreciate the nature of conflict, discover their own and others' natural response to it, and learn to choose
situationally appropriate conflict responses.  Participants learn individual approaches to conflict competence, and approaches for groups
to take.  Participants discover principles through experiential activities..


This workshop is intended to help individuals gain perspective on stressful and conflicted situations and find opportunities for learning
from differences and learning more deeply about themselves.  It provides an interactive and lively day as the best possible vehicle to
personal learning and growth.  We encourage participant recognition of their responses to troubling situations, provide alternative ways to
view troubling situations, provide specific tools and techniques that can be used in daily life.  Participants leave with grasp of reframing to
view possibilities in the situations of daily life.


Leadership at all levels is a requirement for thriving in times of change; rapid response to change in this complex environment cannot be
made alone. Learning to use the strengths of a group as the fulcrum for change makes the task much less daunting and positions the
group to thrive.  In this workshop people explore change and resourcefulness in changing environments.


Explore the basic concepts of communications theory in the approachable terms of inquiry and advocacy, and  understand that people
enter into communications with mind, body and emotions. This workshop p
rovides an interactive and lively day as the best possible
vehicle to personal learning and growth.  Encourage participant recognition of their individual styles and challenges. Inspire participant
curiosity and invite practice. Provide participants with new ways of listening and observing. Encourage self awareness and awareness of
others as key to more powerful communications.


Whether dealing with internal colleagues and customers or customers external to the business, relationships matter and each person
influences the continuing relationships.  Help all participants: Identify with the customer experience. Differentiate dealing with internal and
external customers. Identify how customers hear us and how we can hear them better. Maintain equanimity in difficult conversations.
Guard against stress. Celebrate great experiences.

Do you have a particular need or desire for your organization that you would like to have addressed?  
Contact us to discuss a workshop design that is appropriate for your group.
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participant group product

For fun, see the
Bobby McFerrin video from the
World Science Festival to understand how
fundamental music is to each and all of us.
"Finding Our Music"- a specialized program for groups

Think of music you have heard live.  Usually you were listening to multiple instruments.  
Musicians say that each instrument has a voice.    A bass, a piano, drums, saxophone,
trumpet, violin (or fiddle), guitar, clarinet, each has a tonality and capability that is
distinct. And these voices contrast and blend their individual contributions into a
complex and beautiful creation.  As you watch and listen to the musical creation you
appreciate the contribution each voice makes to an interesting and pleasing whole.

In an organization, each person has a voice.  All voices are important to the creation of
the organization—its products and performance.  When each person is encouraged to
make his/her voice heard and all are listening for that voice in appreciation of its
distinct value then the organization will benefit.  We are sometimes tempted to ignore a
voice that is not saying what is expected, or to ignore the voice we seldom hear.  While
we might make faster decisions in that manner, we lose the richness of full
possibilities.  Whoever is there brings the voices we need to hear.  And what happens
when they come together in the organization?  What is the capacity, what is the music
of the organization, given the voices and the strengths and the aspirations that are
there?  Discover that music, that song that is yours through facilitated brainstorming
and discussion.  

We take a group through a process of appreciating individual voices and then
understanding the unique music that this organization can make.  The session
is highly interactive, makes use of basic instruments and a jazz DVD and
brings in an inspiring video.  

At the client’s request, we can schedule with musicians to play and talk about their

Program Length:  1 Day. We can reconfigure it in other ways to meet client needs.

To learn more or to schedule a

please  contact  Creative Facilitating  
or call Kate Trygstad at 703-243-8726.
Located in Arlington, Virginia.   

We will come to your location or offer a
suitable off-site location.