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"In all things of nature there is
something of the marvelous."  -

Change at its best is organic.  
We support your flowering.
"Nature does not hurry, yet
everything is accomplished."  -
Lao Tzu
Appreciative Change for Creating and Sustaining Change

Change is a challenge, even when it is desired.  Who is affected by the change? How do you achieve the
desired effect? How do you know what that should be?
Do we risk losing something we care about?  Let's start from what is right with the organization.  We have a
bias toward action, both experience-based learning and executing on intention.

A successful approach to organization change:

  •    Affirms and builds on strengths
  •    Involves everyone in planning for enhancing those strengths
  •    Engages the entire system
  •    Encourages people to envision the future
  •    Celebrates the organization and its people
  •    Enhances the nimbleness of the group and releases its creativity
  •    Increases its aptitude for innovation and continuous improvement

We recommend an approach to change in partnership with you.  We apply proven Appreciative Inquiry
principles to organization assessments and change processes in organization in any specific approach.  We
draw positive possibilities for change from people in all parts of the organization.  The people stay involved
through implementation and forward into continuous improvement.  This level of buy-in and commitment from
the entire organization creates success.

Dialogue throughout the organization brings everyone into the process of striving toward the best that the
organization can be in moving in the direction of a selected strategic focus.  We support the discovery
process, the mapping out of the change process, the implementation decisions and execution, and we
prepare you for continual review and renewal.  

We ask organizations to reaffirm or engage anew with a vision of the future.  Bringing
Intelligence to organizations and the people in them is a mindset that creates consistent readiness for
positive change.  We evaluate the alignment of organization structure and processes with organization goals.

With the common goals in mind, it is then possible and logical to determine:
  • strategic direction
  • scope of work
  • client selection
  • resources
  • strategic alliances
  • place in the environment
And to plan and move forward in that direction.

The organization that is flexible is also an organization that is adaptable to a changing environment,
anticipating what might lie ahead.  Optimize your resources by making continual renewal a part of your
organization’s life.

We are happy to support the visioning of change and its implementation.