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"The power of imagination makes us infinite."
- John Muir
"I'm very glad for the coaching.  I have a
new toolkit to use now and am better
prepared to face challenges."
a Federal Government coaching client
Leadership Coaching
When we listen with more than our ears we hear more than the words.

In our coaching we encourage your deeper relation to yourself and to the world
around you, creating an opening movement toward connectedness.  We support
individuals as they make shifts that create new fields of possibilities-
possibilities for additional actions and possibilities for new results.  

ou will act outside our sessions and be supported as you experiment and
.  We emphasize curiosity and attention to your response and your effect
inn the world.

What growth do you seek?
t can be a be a near term goal that holds challenges, perhaps in the complex relationships required
for success.  It can be a longer term goal of readiness for the next level of leadership that calls to

Activities contribute to:

  • Deepening the understanding of the environment in which he/she works
  • Deepening awareness of personal perspectives and responses
  • Seeing new possibilities
  • Understanding the impact that personal decisions and approaches are having on
    the environment
  • Anticipating other points of view and responses
  • Working through difficult conversations or managing conflict situations
  • Developing greater effectiveness on the job

Leadership Coaching
often uses data as a springboard for the discussions and explorations.  We are happy to
use data from inventories and surveys administered by the client's organization.  We have
the qualification to use the Apter Leadership Profile System (ALPS), which is a 180
degree inventory that explores the conditions of purpose, energy, structure, change
orientation, individual contribution, enablement, consideration and warmth.  We are
certified in the Campbell Leadership Index, CL-I, a 360 degree assessment.

Developing the areas of Emotional Intelligence that you want to explore can use the EQ-I,
Emotional Quotient Index as a springboard into coaching and exploration.

We can also use MBTI, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and AMSP, Apter Motivational Style
Profile, as data for the coaching discussion.

Coaching is always:

  • A partnership
  • Individualized
  • Confidential
  • An unfolding process
  • in tune with the competencies described by the ICF

Member of the International Coach Federation, ICF; ICF Certified Coach; Newfield Network Certified